Refurbishment of the Haad Yao Divers Boat

Dive Boat Koh Phangan Haad Yao Divers

Our refurbished Dive Boat in Chaloklum Bay

October and November is monsoon and low season here on Koh Phangan. The ideal time to get our dive boat in the shipyard. Usually once a year a boat has to be brought out of the water for overhaul.
One year exposed to salt water, sun and rain, the material suffers, especially the wood. The boat has to be checked inside and outside on rotten and diseased wood and this has to be replaced. After a year of use a renewal and renovation of the mats, pillows and tank racks is also necessary. The engine must be overhauled, etc.
Following many years of good service this year our engine had to be completely replaced by a new engine. Our captain is more then happy with the new engine, because it is quieter, runs better and saves gasoline. And can be very fast!

After installation of the engine and a week of testing, the boat was taken out of the water. Lots of wood was replaced and the toilet/shower cabin completely renewed. We have fitted a new seating area in the bow and a second small sun deck on top of the captains cabin for sun lovers (not for nudists dear Dor!). An additional tank rack was installed in the stern. All mats and cushions are brand new. To the joy of all, we have installed doors between the dining and equipment area to reduce the noise level. So you can talk much better during meals.
After all the wood and steel work is finished, the boat receives a new coat of paint. Of course in the Haad Yao Divers colors blue and white. The floor is painted with a non-slip paint and the platform covered with new non-slip mats.

A final review by the captain and the bosses and the boat will be brought back into the water.

After a short ceremony at which the Captain donates gifts for the spirits of the boat and the usual Firecrackers the crew starts the journey back home to the port of Koh Phangan.









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