Diving and Snorkeling in Angthong Marine Park – Koh Wao

Diving and snorkelling in Angthong National Marine Park Thailand

Angthong Marine Park Koh Wao

Divemaster Trainee Sophie about her dive trip to Angthong Marine Park in the Gulf of Thailand:

So Wind finder said no, but the sun on the South East said, ‘oh, go on then’.
With perfect weather we prepared the guests, the equipment and climbed aboard Haad Yao Divers Boat; setting off on MY first ever journey towards two of more than 50 islands within Angthong’s National Marine Park.

The Siam Waters were still – the stillest I have ever experienced in the last 12 months; the sun was shining and the few clouds that were in the sky just added to the picturesque view as we approached Koh Wao Yai. Well WOW indeed it was. With its jaw dropping landscapes and sheltered cove, the water glistened in turquoise green and shaped the earthy edges of the reef below.
Nobody could wait to explore the beauty below the surface, already coming to life from the clear visibility, which was evident even from the boat.

As a Dive Master Trainee, today was a big day. Both Boat Master and Tune up roles were given to me, including a guide on the second dive, so you can imagine my optimism was overpowering my excitement a little. However, once in, skills were complete and I got to enjoy the first dive as if it was a fun dive. And it truly was beautiful.

The variety of Coral and its ever changing size went on and on around the reef. From Whip Coral, to fan coral, mushroom coral and black coral, all complimented each other in there differing textures and mass.
Schools of Yellow finned Barracuda surrounded us, and casually swimming below them were the neon rainbow fish, butterfly fish and beaked coral fish.
The Jippon coral and Barrel coral were awaiting to be explored, decorated with sea worms and homed by the Big Eyed Squirrel Fish, there staggering swirl like design were intriguing to all that housed it.

Then suddenly a white spot seen swaying a little on the rocks – pearl colored Nudibranches; It’s cute size and bubble like shape made us smile and watch for a little. Further south of the reef no squint was needed, the biggest wart slug I have ever seen had formed itself around the corralled edge, protected by sea cucumber and Christmas tree worms. Above all this, the Snorkelers were experiencing the same reef from the surface and on looking up, smiles were seen and children’s giggles & laughter was heard as playful snorkel master entertained them with his free diving skills. After a 62 minute dive everyone was back on board and over whelmed by the post card print the island had just imprinted on our memory.

After a delicious lunch in the sun we headed to our second site of the day, Koh Yippon.

Read more about Sophie’s first dive in the Marine Park and about Koh Yippon on her next blog!

Marine life Angthong National Marine Park

Vase Coral with Sea worms

white nudibranch Marine Park

black spotted white nudibranch

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