East coast dive sites of Koh Tao

Koh Tao dive sites Laem Tian and Shark Island

Christmas Tree Worms, famous on Koh Tao

Now that the Summer weather has arrive here on the South East of Thailand, what better way to spend your time than a full day trip exploring the underwater world of our neighboring island Koh Tao.

Our 1 day trips to Turtle Island often begin with exploring the beautiful cove ‘Leam Tian.’ With Crystal clear waters and stunning views here, both snorkelers and divers often spot the Blue Spotted Sting Ray’s situated in the sandy bottom of the outer reefs. Further in towards the rocky landscape we are able to see the Neon Rainbow Fish and Christmas Tree Worms surrounding the
Stag-Horn Coral. Often, the amazing reason as to where this island get’s it’s name is seen in the shallows; Turtles, found gliding through the water, swimming up for a little air, before descending back down for a swim.

After lunch we explore the depths and contours of Shark Island. The island itself has a surrounding of coral reef ranging from depths of 5-18 m and varying in topography from all angles of the island.
Here again the corals are lit up with the mass of Christmas tree Worms continuously decorating the reef right the way around. The Aquatic life varies from the beautiful Angel Fish, Trigger Fish and Puffer Fish often found hiding in the cracks and holes around the Reef + many more.

Although its name comes from its shape, sometimes here we can see the stunning Whale Shark on its course travelling between our other dive site ‘Sail Rock’ and ‘Shark Island.’
Still Juveniles, the recently spotted beauty’s range between 3-6 meters, and though there name may scare some, these huge creatures are plankton eaters and only wish to gain more air from our surrounding bubbles and make our day one the best if we are lucky enough to be greeted by them.

Both Snorkelers and Divers are welcome to join us. For Bookings call us, T. (+66) 0848412102, (+66) 0862793085 or send a mail to contact@haadyaodivers.com

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