The sun was shining, the sea was calm and we had two great dives in Koh Tao.

On the first dive we have seen a wonderful variety of corals and lots of fishes along an awesome reef, but the second dive was even better! After the nicely prepared Thai lunch on board, we headed to Shark Island, on the southern point of Ko Tao. As soon as we jumped into the water we got astonished by the variety of shapes and colors of the coral garden down below…. we spent quite a long time roaming between branching corals, leaf corals, soft corals and massive corals, the last ones covered by an incredible amount of multi-colored Christmas Tree worms, creating a really cheerful environment resembling a Christmas decoration … then we moved a little bit forward and we discovered a Blue Spotted Sting Ray quietly resting under a huge Porites formation…. then one surprise following another: the wide opened mouth of a giant grouper just popped out from a barrel sponge, while the small cleaning wrasses were doing their job on her teethes… but soon we discovered that many other barrel sponges were hosting groupers, mostly having a nap right on the bottom of their pits… then we were suddenly surrounded by a big school of yellow butterfly fishes, we spotted a family of 5 marbled sea cucumbers stretching their tentacles searching for food, we bumped in a few titan trigger-fishes basking around and finally we got back to the coral garden, where we got surprised about the huge amount of juvenile blue-green Chromis finding shelter between the branches of the spectacular Acroporas….
We came back to the Haad Yao Divers boat with great smiles on our face, and marvelous images engraved in our memory…. Our divers had a really great time and we will definitely come back as soon as possible..!
Giovanni, PADI Instructor at Haad Yao Divers Koh Phangan
Haad Yao Divers Day trip to Koh Tao

Dive Trip to Koh Tao, Shark Island

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