Leave the 9-5 grind and escape for a new life – become a PADI Pro.


“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela

For many people finding a career or even a job that fills you with passion is an elusive dream. Usually restricted by management codes of practice you don’t have a choice about what to wear to work, or when to go and certainly not where you work or how you work.

Change those ‘challenging’ work colleagues for ‘more interesting ‘challenging ones’


Your work environment can be stressful, your colleagues ‘challenging’ and there is never enough time to really indulge your passions. You never seem to get enough ‘time off’ work and each time you do escape the office the return can often be very painful.

Of course you vow that the next time will be longer but it never usually is. 

Why not change that cycle and take that longed for  break – have you ever thought about becoming a PADI Pro?

As a PADI Pro you have the opportunity to indulge your passion every day and get paid for it. Diving professionals come from all sorts of backgrounds and other professional lives but what brings them together as an international community is their shared passion for the underwater world. As  a professional diver you not only get to indulge your own passion but also the passion of others. The job of a PADI professional is to help others to discover the joy of scuba diving through skills and knowledge.

Taking the step to become a diving professional is one of the most rewarding things that many PADI Pros have ever done. Click here to see for yourself. By living their passion they have found a better quality of life for themselves and also had experiences which most people will only read about. As a PADI professional you join an eclectic live/work community where employment opportunities exist and life is fun! With over 5,900 PADI centres and resorts all over the planet it is possible to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, work, play and still get paid for it.

Change your office location!

As a diving professional no two days will usually ever be the same as each day above and below the water brings it’s own challenges. Diving attracts such a wide range of people that you will always have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and there is always another site to be explored or a fish to be identified.

HYD Instructor Nick Hough with his Open Water Course Student

As a Divemaster you have the opportunity to share your underwater knowledge with and meet some of the most fascinating people above the water.As an Instructor you have the opportunity to teach people how to dive and then expand their diving knowledge which can bring you an enormous sense of reward.

Haad Yao Divers as a 5* IDC Dive Resort offer you the chance to take that next step. We teach people how to dive and also how to teach other people how to dive! Look at our courses here and how you might even want to go all the way from ‘zero to hero’ . Check out on the PADI Go Pro Planner what you need to do in order to start making your way up to Instructor level.

In our next blog we’ll focus on our IDC course that we offer with platinum rated Course Director Camille Lemmens and full details of our next IDC course 9-18 January 2013.

And remember, don’t just read the book Make The Most of Your Time on Earth – live it!

More about Haad Yao Divers

*PADI Five Star Dive Center Membership is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Shops who actively promote underwater environmental awareness and embrace the PADI System of diver education, with a commitment to providing quality training, products, services and experiences.

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